Ips Emax

Porcelain kind is emax porcelain can be made as well as can be applied in one piece. Under what conditions can the Emax crown / bridge center be applied? Emax crowns; It is used for coating of cutter teeth, canines and molars. However, it can also be used in aesthetic direction. Bridge prosthesis contained emax is a method used in single tooth deficiencies.

What Is The Difference Between Zirconium Crown And Emax Crown?

These are applications performed in the field of aesthetic dentistry. Emax crowns pass more light than zirconium crowns. Thanks to this feature, natural and aesthetic appearance is at the highest level. zirconium crowns are more durable than emax crowns, so their lifetimes become be longer. In patients with multiple missing teeth, emax crowns are not preferred because they are fragile, Instead of emax crowns, zirconium bridge prostheses are used.

Why Do Zirconium And Emax Prostheses Have A Better Aesthetic Appearance Than Metal-Supported Porcelain Prostheses?

The porcelain bridge / crown prosthesis applied in the routine treatment consists of gray metal alloy. When these prostheses with metal support are applied, the gingival get a gray color. This is due to the dissolution of the metal alloy in the gingival region. Because of this metal structure, porcelain light transmission decreases. For this reason, coatings take the appearance of dull and matt color. For all these reasons, the use of zirconium / emax crown / bridge dentures has reached the highest level in recent years. Light porosity of full porcelain coatings is very close to natural teeth and it is a very preferred application in terms of aesthetic appearance.

How To Make Full Porcelain Crown / Bridge Protheses?

Maintenance on natural teeth can also be performed on the coating teeth. Routine maintenance should be performed using toothpaste and toothbrush. Annual dentist checks should not be neglected.