Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery includes many different applications. This surgical section consists of a dentistry field that includes the scope of oral and dental health. In oral, dental and maxillofacial surgery; It deals with the medical and surgical treatment of congenital and acquired diseases caused by infectious, traumatic, pathological problems in the chin, mouth and with face soft and hard tissues.

In Oral, Dental And Maxillofacial Surgery Field Our Services;

a. Embedded tooth operations

b. Implantology

c. Abscess formation and cyst operations

d. Deformities formed in the jaw

e. Tooth extraction

What kind of problems does oral, dental and chin surgery deal with?

1. Embedded, complicated, continuous tooth shots

2. Medical and surgical treatment of infections formed in the mouth, jaw and face

3. surgical treatment of cystic and tumoral problems formed in the jawbone

4. Treatment of diseases caused by damage to the soft tissue including the mouth region

5. Treatment of internal bone lesions due to tooth roots

6. Treatment of fractures formed in the jaw and face area

7. Surgical correction of soft and hard tissues before dental dentures are made

8. Medical and surgical treatments of chin and face pain

9. Medical and surgical treatments of diseases affecting the jaw joint

10. Treatment of congenital anomalies such as cleft palate and cleft lip

11. Medical and surgical treatments of inflammation caused by salivary gland diseases

12. Maxillary, sinus pathologies and treatments, associated with teeth and jaws

13. Treatment of bone necrosis of formed in jaws due to the application of drugs and radiotherapy applied in the cancer treatment process

14. Dental implant applications

15. Correction of deficiencies formed in hard tissue and soft tissue due to dental implant applications by surgical method

In the majority of oral surgery applications, local anesthesia is sufficient. However, when a comprehensive operation is performed in the mouth, jaw and face part, general anesthesia is applied