Smile Aesthetics

What is smile aesthetics?

With the help of operations such as lip shaping, zircon plated, bonding, whitening, gingival operations, bridges, teeth length adjustment, patients make their smile aesthetic look the way they want. In smile aesthetics, gingival disorders are treated. Yellowing of teeth, fractures and cracks are corrected. The correct jaw structure is created and the smiles are corrected. Smile aesthetics is the treatment of patients by looking at the facial appearance, teeth and lip structure and examined by the doctor. In this way, problems in teeth and gingival are solve. At the end of a few seances, this method, which provides the desired result, enables us to reach the ideal image while laughing.

In women’s mouth, two teeth in the front longer than other teeth, men’s homogenous appearance teeth, dental – cheek support provided with the treatment of the person helps to look aesthetically and naturally. With the development of computer programs, patients will be able to choose the appropriate form of smile with their doctor and start treatment.

Criteria Of Considered In The Process Of Smile Aesthetics


Abrasion occurs in teeth as the age progresses. However, relaxation and sagging of the lower lip may occur. Therefore, the visibility of the teeth in the upper jaw is reduced and teeth in the lower jaw come to the fore. The treatment made provides a young and attractive smile to the patient.


Since the tooth structure of men and women is different from each other, treatment methods are different. Teeth corners in women are determined by soft curves, the structure of the teeth in men is cornered and more pronounced.

Treatment Process Of Smile Aesthetics

The duration of treatment is determined according to the preferences and oral structure of people in smile aesthetics. The treatment process starts with informing the patient about his or her oral structure and dental health. Treatment is organized on tooth and gingival problems, side effects and problems that may arise.