General Anesthesia

General anesthesia; Patients are given intramuscular or stinging gases to provide narcosis. Sedation is an giving oral medication instead of intravenous medication to calm the patient. Sedation may cause damages so general anesthesia accepted as a more reliable method.

Which Type Of Patients Are Preferred For General Anesthesia And Sedation Treatment?

Children with physical disabilities

Children with mental disabilities

Children or adults who have difficulty communicating in emergency treatment situations

Children who have too much caries in their mouths and cannot be persuaded of treatment

Patients whose medical risks decrease when general anesthesia is performed

Children patients who should be treated in a single session

Adult patients with severe phobia

Interventions requiring general anesthesia

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Treatment With General Anesthesia?

One-session treatment prevents wear on the treatment process.

Eliminates the risk of formed injury due to sudden movements of young children.

As there are no obstacles to treatment, all stages of treatment are carried out in a controlled manner.

Is Pain Felt During And After General Anesthesia?

During general anesthesia the whole body compromises and the patient does not feel pain. Only young children may feel drowsiness during the operation due to local anesthesia. Children undergoing local anesthesia may experience discomfort in the area after tooth extraction.

What should be done before general anesthesia?

Patients should inform their physicians about the diseases and medications they have previously. It is important to use the drugs according to the operative dose settings.

If anesthesia is performed under appropriate conditions, anesthesia-related complication rarely occurs.

Patients should not be hungry before anesthesia. If the patient vomits during anesthesia, vomit may pass through the lung and cause pneumonia. It is important for anesthesia the patient to have no infection.

It is very important to give the child tooth brushing training after deciding to be made process.