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29 Sep

Implant Tooth England

Implant Tooth in England is getting popular day by day. Implants; instead of the lost tooth is placed in the jaw bone is the root of artificial teeth. Implant Tooth England aims that, an artificial root teeth made of titanium or zirconium, which are the elements that the human body accepts as its own part, provide complete retention by fusing with the jawbone. A fixed prosthesis can be made on these artificial roots without damaging the neighboring teeth. As with a single tooth deficiency, patients with no teeth in the mouth can also be made with a fixed prosthesis. Implant applications are the most common treatment methods of dentists today. This treatment method, which is applied all over the world, is extremely reliable and ends in 6 minutes in our clinic in Izmir Karşıyaka. Thus, tooth deficiencies are not a problem that cannot be solved.

Implants in London provide a clearer speech and more comfortable chewing than classic palates and prostheses, while returning the cheek and facial structure to its natural state. In this way, you can get rid of the digestive system discomfort that may be caused by chewing failure and your self-confidence increases due to its natural, healthy and aesthetic appearance. Am I a suitable candidate for implant treatment? In order to apply dental implant treatment, first of all oral health should be good. If you experience gingiva problems, you should first contact a periodontist. Gingiva problems may cause inflammation around the implant and cause loss of implant. Additional treatments, such as bone grafting or sinus lifting, may be required to perform implantation in patients with bone loss.

Does The Implant Feel Painful?

Implant treatment with anesthesia is completed without pain. At the end of the application, pain can be relieved with a suitable pain medication. The pain felt in this treatment is as much as the pain that occurs after a normal tooth extraction. Improvement is achieved within 1-3 months after implant placement. In this process, temporary prostheses are weared to the patients.

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