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07 Oct

Oral and Maxillofacial surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery examine jaw and dental discomfort in places where soft and hard tissue diseases. They control developmental disorders and functional disorders in the mouth and jaw. These doctors work 7/24 in our hospitals. Even in case of sudden discomfort, the dentist can be visited in Izmir dentist on duty and in Izmir at night. You can resolve any kind of emergency dental disorders and problems with the İzmir emergency dentist in our hospital.
What Is Mouth And Chin?
The mouth is the part of the face between the two jaws and cheek. It is a space consisting of tongue and teeth which is used for breathing and feeding. The jaw is the name given to the two parts of the vertebrates, which support the bone or cartilage, carry the teeth and help open and close mouth.
What Is The Importance Of Oral Hygiene?
Oral cleansing is an important factor in terms of health and teeth. Because we constantly consume food and nutrient residues remain in the teeth. These residues do a lot of damage when they’re not cleaned.

How Is Dental Treatment Done?
Nothing will not okay well if the oral care is not done. Small and large bruises may occur. When the tooth is damaged, canal operation, it is the last resort to save the tooth. But if this treatment does not work, if the filling does not hold onto the tooth, the patient will lose the tooth.
How To Treat Wisdom Teeth?
The teeth we call the wisdom tooth are the white and molars that appear at the back of our jaw and appear at the age of 20. These teeth can cause big problems in most people and cause them to suffer. wisdom teeth are taken by our experts in a painless and way with a surgical operation.

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