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23 May

Turkey dental veneers

Now a days, most people are experiencing aesthetic concerns and many solutions to aesthetic concerns related to external appearance have been introduced. Turkey dental veneers teeth have become the choice of people who experience aesthetic anxiety due to disorders related to the structure or appearance of the teeth.

Turkey dental veneers cost = £90 to £230

Turkey dental implant cost = £460

Turkey dental veneers; It is the name given to the tooth formed by coating the porcelain on white colored metal. It is the most preferred dental aesthetic of recent times as it creates a smooth appearance in the teeth. Used porcelain materials are applied on metals called zirconium and treatment is carried out. The quick adaptation to natural tooth structure and the light-permeable structure are among the features that make this metal more preferable.

Veneers cost in Turkey
Dental Veneers Turkey

Zirconium element which is preferred in bridge and tooth coating applications is very strong and does not pose any threat to human health. Turkey dental veneers that do not form any allergic reaction; porcelain coated on it provides durability and ensures long life. Since zirconium is a white color element, it also gives the appearance of natural teeth. It does not cause any harm to health, nor does it cause any allergic reactions, and it is also in harmony with gingiva. If an element other than zirconium is used in this treatment, the teeth become gray in time. Zirconium teeth, such a problem is not experienced in the chewing of the food does not create any negativity. Turkey tooth coating is very dark, even teeth can be applied to any color teeth. The primary color of the tooth does not cause the color of the zirconium coating to change. It is not an extra maintenance check. Regular tooth brushing and good oral hygiene are sufficient for this application.

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